Mock Assessments – Your Secret Weapon to CMMC Success

The Indispensability of Mock Assessments for CMMC Certification

Due to escalating cybersecurity threats the DoD has mandated CMMC to safeguard Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) across the defense industrial base. Contractors must demonstrate their commitment to cybersecurity maturity to be eligible for DoD contracts.

As the leading expert in preparing companies for successful CMMC certification, we understand the intricate nuances and challenges that defense contractors face. Which is why we value the pivotal role of mock assessments as a popular and valuable step toward achieving a successful and seamless CMMC certification.

When preparing for a first CMMC assessment, the mock assessment is serving many of our clients as a way to check their organization’s compliance with required controls while also offering their staff an opportunity to practice answering assessors’ questions in an engagement that mimics the certification process.

Benefits of Mock Assessments:

  • Preview your compliance score with a C3PAO: Identify controls that are not met that you believed were met.
  • Build Team Competence: Prepare your team for the real assessment with experience answering assessor questions.
  • Cost-Efficiency & Time Savings: Identify controls that need further refinement before you are under the gun to meet compliance for a particular contract.

Value of Our Mock Assessments

  • Undergo a simulated assessment evaluating all CMMC practice areas to efficiently determine readiness.
  • Receive detailed findings identifying whether your organization’s control practices meet or do not meet the requirements for CMMC as determined by our team of Certified CMMC Practitioners and Certified CMMC Assessors.
  • Acclimate your team to the certification assessment process.

Introducing Our Mock Lite Assessments

For a targeted approach, consider a Mock Lite Assessment focusing on four critical CMMC Control Domains you choose. This cost-effective option provides valuable insights while saving time and resources.

Ideal for organizations:

  • In the early stages of CMMC preparation.
  • Wanting to focus on specific domains for improvement.
  • With limited resources or budget constraints.

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