Amy Williams

Vice President of CMMC

Amy Williams began her career in Accounting Information Systems, a precursor to cybersecurity that imbued her with the talents and knowledge that she uses today. A member of multiple fields of study, Dr. Williams has ample experience understanding fraud, system errors in internal systems, and internet security protection. She has been on the forefront of developing cyber strategies for supply chains since the world wide web made the internet popular for sharing data in business. With both a Master’s Degree and PhD from Virginia Tech, Amy Williams has held prestigious positions with the NY Crime Commission where she built an alliance with the FBI, and she led the development of BlueVoyant’s CMMC and CIS Advisory Practices prior to joining Coalfire Federal.

As Vice President of CMMC at Coalfire Federal, Dr. Williams has proudly built and led the current CMMC advisory and certification programs. She spends her time following industry leaders on LinkedIn, and is regularly and invited speaker at industry conferences for CMMC and cybersecurity in general and has authored many peer reviewed and thought leadership papers on various cybersecurity topics.