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As a C3PAO and a Department of Defense contractor also subject to CMMC requirements, Coalfire Federal is uniquely qualified, and armed with first-hand experience, to help you become assessment-ready with our CMMC Advisory services. 

When it comes to CMMC compliance, time is of the essence. The assessment preparation process can seem daunting unless you have an experienced, trusted partner that can support your team. We can get you there with accurate, verifiable results. 

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Coalfire Federal CMMC Advisory Services

Our CMMC Advisory team will provide you with accurate, objective, and trusted consulting expertise designed specifically to help you become CMMC Assessment-Ready.

CUI Boundary Analysis

Assist in the determination of in-scope organizational and systems environment.

CMMC Gap Analysis

Evaluate your organization’s current readiness state against your targeted CMMC Level’s practices.

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CMMC Remediation Support

CMMC Remediation support to close identified cybersecurity gaps and achieve certification-ready status.

Comprehensive Pre-Assessment Services

Ensure a robust foundation for your CMMC compliance by leveraging our CUI Boundary Analysis and our CMMC Gap Analysis. Coalfire Federal meticulously assists in the determination of in-scope organizational and systems environment and identifies security gaps across the 17 controls (Level 1) and 110 practices (Level 2) outlined in the CMMC Model. Our recommendations align with Federal Acquisition Regulations and NIST SP 800-171 r2, guiding you towards a System Security Plan and a tailored roadmap for achieving CMMC certification.

Strengthen Your Documentation

Empower your team with effective documentation through Coalfire Federal’s expertise in reviewing and refining existing practices. We guide you through essential policies, procedures, incident response plans, and best practices. Our strategic approach ensures each team member is prepared for CMMC Assessment interview questions.

Efficient Remediation Prioritization

Navigate the path to CMMC compliance seamlessly with Coalfire Federal’s support in prioritizing remediation efforts. From analyzing your CUI boundaries through remediation support, we actively assist in addressing identified gaps in your environment. Our mission is to prepare you for a successful CMMC Assessment on the first attempt.

The Coalfire Federal Difference

With 20 years of experience in federal certification frameworks, Coalfire Federal can provide you with the roadmap necessary to prepare for CMMC 2.0 compliance, faster and accurately.

True cybersecurity goes well beyond one-time compliance. Improving cyber maturity and maintaining compliance is an ongoing process. Coalfire Federal’s CMMC assessors can assist you in your quest to remain secure, ensure future compliance, and improve your chances of winning more government contracts.

Elevate your CMMC compliance journey with Coalfire Federal. Partner with us to achieve CMMC success.

CMMC Advisory FAQs

Please note that this FAQ is a summary and should be used in conjunction with the
official CMMC documentation for precise guidance and compliance instructions.

What is CMMC?

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a framework designed to enhance the cybersecurity posture of companies in the defense industrial base (DIB) sector. It ensures that contractors handling sensitive information meet specific cybersecurity standards.

Why is CMMC important for federal contractors?

CMMC is crucial for federal contractors as it establishes a standardized cybersecurity framework. It ensures that organizations handling Department of Defense (DoD) data implement robust cybersecurity measures, reducing the risk of data breaches and enhancing national security.

What services does Coalfire Federal provide for CMMC Advisory?

Coalfire Federal offers a range of CMMC Advisory Services, including readiness assessments, gap analysis, documentation support, and ongoing compliance management. Our experts guide organizations through the process of achieving and maintaining CMMC certification.

How can I determine my organization’s CMMC readiness?

Our team conducts comprehensive CMMC readiness assessments to evaluate your organization’s current cybersecurity practices and identify areas that need improvement. This assessment is a crucial step in the certification process.

What is a CMMC gap analysis, and why is it important?

A CMMC gap analysis helps identify the difference between your organization’s current cybersecurity practices and the requirements outlined in the CMMC framework. It is a crucial step in developing a roadmap to achieve the necessary certification level.

How long does it take to achieve CMMC certification?

The timeline to achieve CMMC certification varies depending on the organization’s current cybersecurity posture, the desired certification level, and the complexity of its operations. A general timeline can range from 6-18 months. Our experts work closely with clients to create a customized plan and expedite the certification process.

What is the role of documentation in CMMC compliance?

Documentation is a key component of CMMC compliance. Our advisory services include assistance in creating and maintaining the necessary documentation, such as policies, procedures, and evidence of implementation, to demonstrate compliance with the CMMC framework.

Is CMMC a one-time certification, or is it an ongoing process?

CMMC is an ongoing process. Once certified, organizations must continuously adhere to the cybersecurity requirements outlined in the CMMC framework. Organizations wanting certification in the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification level 2 and level 3 sectors must undergo re-certification every 3 years. Our advisory services include ongoing compliance management to ensure organizations remain at the required certification level.

How can I get started with Coalfire Federal’s CMMC Advisory Services?

To get started, simply contact our team today. We’ll schedule an initial call to understand your organization’s needs and tailor our advisory services to help you achieve and maintain CMMC certification.