The Future of Cybersecurity: CMMC and Beyond

New cybersecurity frameworks and regulations are continuously emerging and understanding them is crucial for businesses of all sizes, especially those operating within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). This guide delves into the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, focusing on the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and its implications, while also offering valuable insights for prioritizing your cybersecurity posture in 2024.

Charting CISA’s Future: The New Cybersecurity Strategic Plan

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the nation’s critical infrastructure. In a landmark move, CISA unveiled its first-ever Cybersecurity Strategic Plan, outlining its vision and priorities for the next four years. This plan signifies CISA’s commitment to proactive measures, emphasizing collaboration, public-private partnerships, and risk management. Understanding the tenets of this plan allows businesses to align their cybersecurity strategies with the national landscape.

Progressing Towards Cybersecurity Compliance

The much-anticipated finalization of the CMMC rule is inching closer. The Department of Defense (DoD) anticipates releasing a final rule by Fall 2024. This underscores the importance of staying informed and adapting to potential changes while proactively enhancing your cybersecurity posture.

Tips for Prioritizing Your 2024 Cybersecurity

What to Consider in your Cybersecurity Plan:

  • Consider Risk: Identify and prioritize your organization’s specific cybersecurity risks. This involves evaluating your assets, vulnerabilities, and potential threats.
  • Leverage Existing Resources: Utilize available resources from reputable sources, such as CISA and NIST, to bolster your cybersecurity framework.
  • Focus on Top Threats: Prioritize mitigation strategies against the most prevalent and impactful cyber threats, such as phishing, ransomware, and malware attacks.

CMMC 2.0 Proposed Ruling

The proposed CMMC 2.0 rule outlines a streamlined approach to further verify the protection of Controlled Unclassified Information within the DIB supply chain by a 3rd party. It proposes a three-level maturity framework, replacing the original maturity model. For a deeper dive into the specifics of the proposed ruling, refer to our Proposed CMMC 2.0 Ruling Highlights for Defense Industrial Base Members.

Ready to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape and ensure CMMC compliance? 

By staying informed about the evolving cybersecurity landscape, including the CMMC framework and CISA’s strategic plan, businesses can proactively safeguard their digital assets and ensure ongoing compliance with emerging regulations. Remember, prioritizing cybersecurity is not just about meeting requirements; it’s about protecting your organization and the critical infrastructure it supports.

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About the author

Amy Williams

Vice President of CMMC

Amy Williams began her career in Accounting Information Systems, a precursor to cybersecurity that imbued her with the talents and knowledge that she uses today. A member of multiple fields of study, Dr. Williams has ample experience understanding fraud, system errors in internal systems, and internet security protection. She has been on the forefront of developing cyber strategies for supply chains since the world wide web made the internet popular for sharing data in business. With both a Master’s Degree and PhD from Virginia Tech, Amy Williams has held prestigious positions with the NY Citizens Crime Commission where she built an alliance with the FBI, and she led the development of BlueVoyant's CMMC and CIS Advisory Practices prior to joining Coalfire Federal. Back to Full Bio